Virbac Physiological Ear Cleaner

Routine ear cleaner

Routine ear cleaner to remove excess cerumen, clean and neutralise bad odours for dogs and cats

Exceptional cerumen removal properties
Patented odour-neutralising technology
Physiology-respecful activity, optimal tolerance
Owner-friendly container and delivery system

Micelle-rich, isotonic non foaming formulation containing a patented aldehyde complex durable anto-odour agent, a physiologival pH (identical to the skin of the animal), designed to provide optimal tolerance in the ears of dogs and cats.

Packaging is designed to avoid any difficulties or trauma to the animal, and has bee soft tip to avoid damage or pain, and insertion too deep into the ear.Each pump delivers a metered dose, with out noise to frighten the animail.Ergonomic shape of the packaging aids single handed use of the product.Remove the cap.Place the tip into the ear canal.One squeeze of the pump per ear.After application,massge the vase of the ear, then clean the interior of the ear with a cotton ball moistedned woth product.Use once or twice weekly to maintain regular hygiene.

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